Higo launches the ultimate connector solution for fully integrated cable routing

The trend for fully integrated cable routing in e-bike designs is fully on. This has triggered leading e-bike connector manufacturer Higo to come up with their smallest signal connector range on the market. This new series, the micro M, has been designed for connections like displays, switches, brakes and sensors. The key feature of this series is the use of crimp contacts instead of soldered contacts.
The key feature of the series is the use of crimp contacts instead of soldered contacts.

By stepping over from soldered contacts to crimp contacts, Higo has been able to reduce both the mating length and the diameter of the micro M series with 50% compared to standard signal connectors. The actual mating length now is only 30mm and the diameter is just 5.5mm. This makes it a perfect solution for e-bike manufacturers to fully integrate cable routing into the bike’s frame.

Inside Sales Specialist Joni presents the newest innovation in the Higo signal connectors.

Continuous quality

Alongside the fully integrated cable routing, the micro M series also offers additional benefits. The crimping process is a fully automated process that is machine controlled. Therefore, it always delivers the same quality. With the manual, labour intensive soldering process, the quality of the connection can fluctuate and will always be subject to human mistakes. Crimp contacts therefore considerably improve the reliability of the connection.

Higo micro M series.

Vibration and rotation resistant

We all know that e-bike connectors in steering wheels are subject to many rotations and vibrations every day. It’s important that electrical connections, despite of these continuous movements, can easily manoeuvre along without disconnecting. That is exactly what the Higo micro M series does.

Easy recognisable by colour coding

Higo has also chosen to align the colour coding of the new micro M series with the already existing signal connector ranges like the mini B and the mini F series. So the colour code of each pole size will be exactly the same throughout the entire Higo collection.  At the same time, a mechanical coding makes sure that the pole sizes are not interchangeable.

50% shorter mating length & diameter.

The micro M series currently consists of a 2- and 4-pole version. The official launch takes place during Eurobike from 13th until 17th of July in Messe Frankfurt at A&C Solutions’ booth in Hall 8 E18. Both versions will by then be directly available from stock at A&C Solutions.

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