Capgo offers innovative and colorful bike parts

Capgo offers innovative and colorful bike parts

With German design and engineering capgo is specialist for high quality shift and brake cable systems, especially known for the high quality of its colorful outer sheaths. Capgo built up its business in OEM, working together with many major bike brands with its high-quality products. CEO Christian Treugut (capgo): "Therefore, now is exactly the right time to increase our market share in the aftermarket, which is why we are expanding our sales territory and team. We want to be accessible for everyone: manufacturers, dealers and customers."

Complicated supply chains, long waiting times?

"You have heard about complicated supply chains and long waiting times for bike related products? No worries: We are achieving our goal of more visible and available cables by placing greater emphasis on expanding European production and our warehouse near Frankfurt am Main (Germany). This has logistical advantages such as a fast and uncomplicated supply chain, and of course also technical advantages due to our own machinery. We produce and finish our products in the highest quality at home in the EU!"

Do you have special production requests?

"Investments in new production machines based in Germany has been made to guarantee the usual precision and quality to fulfill the growing demand of customers. Therefore, we are now expanding our OEM services strategically. Now, individual customer requests such as printing information or the length of the ordered cables on the assembled outer casings are possible with the new technology. Furthermore, the sorting and end cap pre-assembly is done automatically with the new machines. Last but not least, a cooperation with capgo's customers ensured that various processes could be optimised so that just-in-time deliveries are the new status quo."

Looking for highest shifting performance with minimum friction?

"With a specially developed process and capgo PTFE grease, we found a solution to increase the performance of our housings for derailleurs and brakes, to reach a new level of quality. Their character is durability and stable shift and brake performance. Also, the refined surface treatment to smoothen the 'slick' and 'speed slick' wires lowers the friction while shifting and braking: 'Speed slick' – for easier and faster braking and shifting!"

Addicted to color-matched cables?

"Have you often seen colorful cables on other bikes in matching colors to the decals of the bike? Capgo produces cables and housings in many different popular colours, which match the latest trends and are the most often assembled colours of the bike brands. That's why you see the perfectly colour-matched bikes. But you won't only find our products on the finished bikes themselves. Everybody can now finally retrofit their bike or build it up themselves in matching colours. We have expanded our distribution so everybody can get a variety of colours everywhere. That means, now that capgo is already very well established in the European OEM business, we would like to make our product advantages more visible and available in the aftermarket. Start to pimp your bikes: Colour your bike!"

Pimp my bike!

"For all bike lovers who build their own dream bike or have it built by their trusted dealer, we offer the colour-matched products for an individually perfectly styled bike. In the last two years, people have spent more time on the bike which has strengthened the trend of customising bikes. This means that not only the bike manufacturers can benefit, but also every retailer and dealer workshop and of course every customer himself. Therefore, we continue to look for strong support by more partners to expand our distribution."

Color you Bike – Check out capgo!

"There are enough reasons to take a detailed look at capgo to find out about its advantages like easier and faster braking and shifting and to bring back more color into everybody’s life. Just color your bike. Beyond that, however, we are also planning big things for the future. We will set out into new segments and introduce many new products of wear and spare parts. We will start to present our well-known secrets at this upcoming Eurobike."

See you at Eurobike! Hall/ booth: 12.1 - A08

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