Darfon Group's green energy initiatives create new-generation batteries

Darfon Group's green energy initiatives create new-generation batteries

Darfon Group has been dedicated to the e-bike industry for many years via Darfon Electronics Corp's strength in R&D and manufacturing of key electronic components. Focusing on its core competencies of batteries and electronic controls, the Group has launched new-generation 21700 batteries and Shimano compatible batteries for e-bikes.

The Darfon Group works closely with international manufacturers to develop various e-bike solutions for customers' total solution and customization needs. In addition to providing customers with an OEM/ODM one-stop shopping service, Darfon Group is mapping out a green future from the perspectives of internationalization, zero-time difference, and a strategy center.

The Group is looking to creating win-win synergies with the bicycle industry by actively pursuing diverse new e-bike business opportunities.

New range of batteries

Darfon Energy Technology Corp (DET), a subsidiary of Darfon Group that was incorporated in July 2022, is scheduled to exhibit its new range of 21700 batteries and related integrated solutions for e-bikes and light electrical vehicles (LEVs) at the Eurobike exhibition this year. Further, Astro Tech Co., another company under the Group is also set to roll out its latest developments in carbon fiber bike frame production at the exhibition.

Darfon Group is planning to expand its manufacturing scale in Europe and Vietnam”

In response to the demand from e-bike customers, Darfon Group is planning to expand its manufacturing scale in Europe and Vietnam and to offer more e-bike related products in terms of types and manufacturing options. The Group's existing locations in Europe and North America will also provide full technical support and the most convenient, zero-time-lag local manufacturing and after-sales services.

In the post-COVID-19 pandemic era, the Group's comprehensive deployment of batteries, electronic controls, tailor-made accessories, integrated bike frame design, assembly services, and global warranty services has gained the attention and recognition of key customers worldwide.

Combining bicycle and electronics industries

The bicycle industry is evolving with the times and will continue to move towards becoming more intellectualized. Taiwan boasts a world-leading bicycle supply chain and a strong and solid IT/electronics industry that is widely considered to be world-class.

To cope with the rise of the e-bike, Darfon Group combines the bicycle and electronics industries to maximize the synergies between the two. The guiding philosophy of the Group is to proactively establish its presence, pursue cooperation and integration, and confidently furnish its customers with total solutions.

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