Yadea - The leading brand of two-wheeled electric bikes and scooters

Yadea - The leading brand of two-wheeled electric bikes and scooters

In 2022, the global e-bike market is poised to hit approximately 36.5 million units expects Yadea, and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 10% between 2022 and 2030, reaching close to 77.3 million e-bikes by 2030. With this potential in mind, Yadea ventured into the e-bike market five years ago, assembling a technical team comprising top talent from China's Top 5 universities.

Yadea continues to dominate the global market with over 70 million customers across 100 countries, 40,000 retailers worldwide, and an impressive six-year streak as the number one seller in the electric two-wheeled vehicle industry. Among Yadea’s notable achievements is its commitment to innovation, evident in the fact that 90% of the motors in its products are the outcome of independent research and development.

Advanced mid-drive motor

What sets Yadea apart from its competition is its mid-drive motor technology. The core technology comprises four elements: a highly precise torque sensor, multi-sensor fusion with 'high response' control, a 'Highly Efficient Electric Power Assist System', and Smart Connector. Yadea’s e-bike model design revolves around a mid-drive motor, positioned at the frame’s center to carry the load and enhance stability. The bottom bracket and torque sensor collaborate to manage alternating bending and torsion loads when riders pedal. The signal pattern recognition technology extracts torque signals from composite signals, ensuring precise detection and authenticity. Yadea’s innovative sensor dynamic self-calibration technology automatically self-calibrates the sensor after each power-up.

Multi-sensor fusion technology

Yadea has made significant strides in advanced multi-sensor fusion technology to enhance the riding experience for its users. The company’s high-response multi-sensor fusion control system offers real-time data collection and analysis. This enables the control algorithm to determine the optimal motor power based on current speed, pedaling frequency, and road conditions.

Yadea’s high-precision sensors ensure meticulous control of motor output power in demanding situations such as starting up, uphill climbs, and upwind rides. Yadea’s highly efficient electric power system has demonstrated impressive performance, with measured data showing that a mere 500 watt-hours of battery can achieve an electric power range of up to 120 kilometers.

More than just an e-bike

Yadea has launched a series of innovative e-bike models featuring its advanced mid-drive motor technology, with the INNOVATOR standing out as a flagship product. The foldable city electric bike goes beyond traditional e-bikes, offering a stylish and high-performance design. The design is achieved through a magnesium monocoque casting body that provides higher strength than aluminum alloy. The TorqueTronic Technology, a self-developed feature that offers fast pedal response with smooth acceleration, is also a unique feature in this bike. The smart mid-driven motor allows the Yadea INNOVATOR to travel up to 50 miles in eco mode, making it an eco-friendly option for urban commuters.

Yadea’s innovative customer support system uses a mid-mounted motor IoT module and mobile app for online fault diagnosis, enabling swift issue resolution through its extensive European service network. The system communicates potential faults to the Netherlands headquarters for quick dispatch of replacement parts.

The Yadea INNOVATOR features a Smart

Battery Management System available 24/7 to ensure battery safety at all times. Its front and rear single-arm design enables it to fold down to a compact size of 0.27 m3 (9.535 feet), with a user-friendly magnetic folding buckle for stability. The Yadea INNOVATOR e-bike model has garnered international acclaim, winning the prestigious International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) from the US and the Good Design Award from Japan.

The future of Yadea

Yadea is poised to make significant strides in motor technology innovation in the coming years. The company’s primary focus will be on researching and developing high-speed motors that could revolutionise the e-bike industry, by pushing the boundaries of what is possible in motor technology. Yadea aims to create highly efficient and powerful e-bikes. To achieve these ambitious goals, the company will invest in cutting-edge facilities, collaborate with industry experts, and foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

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