Discover the new i-systems by Sturmey-Archer

Discover the new i-systems by Sturmey-Archer

SunRace Sturmey-Archer comes with a new product: in 2024, they will release a series of comprehensive e-bike systems, applicable to many different types of bikes. These systems, called the i-systems, are the next big development after the three-speed sportshifter that the brand became famous for.

The i-systems will be released in three different variations, that all have their own set of specifications. In this article we will tell you all about them.

The i20-system: a comprehensive two-speed system

First off: the i20, a system driven by a rear motor with a two-speed hub. This system consists of a automatic shifting rear hub motor, supplemented with either a drum brake inside the motor or a disc brake, a torque sensor, a built in battery and various remote and display options to operate the system with.

The i30-system: a smart three-speed system

Secondly: the i30, a system driven by a front motor and a three-speed e-shifter. This system consists of the front motor, a rear hub with a three-speed e-shifter, a torque sensor, a built in battery and also various remote and display options to operate the system with.

The i30 Kids-system: adapted to the needs of the youngest bikers

The last system in the series is the i30 Kids-system. This system operates the same way as the i30-system, but with a little less battery capacity and with just one variety remote-and-display combo. The system is applicable for 20-inch bikes and 24-inch bikes.

Front or rear motor

“The most unique thing about the i-systems is the fact that you get to choose whether you opt for a front or rear motor, instead of being forced to choose for an engine at the bottom bracket,” says Johan Threels, Technical Specialist at SunRace Sturmey-Archer Inc. “That way the i-systems are applicable to many kinds of bikes, without having to redesign the entire frame. As long as there is space for the battery in the framework, bike-manufacturers are good to go.”

Automatic shifting and damage prevention

The fact that the i30-system comes with three speeds and the i20 with two speeds, won’t be noticeable to the bikers. “The top-speed is the same for both systems. It’s just the way to get there that differs between the i30 and the i20,” Threels confirms. “But since the riders won’t shift manually, they won’t notice the difference.”

The fact that the i-systems shift automatically isn’t just a pro in terms of ease of use. “It is also a pro because the bike chooses the ideal moment to shift, to ensure an optimal biking experience,” Threels confirms. “Whether the motor shifts is based on the data it receives from the torque sensor that comes with the i-systems. Additional to that, the torque sensor makes sure the system won’t shift at moments of peak-demand, thus preventing damage to the system.”

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