Leader Fox: What's new for 2023

Leader Fox: What's new for 2023

In today's fast-paced world, where a healthy lifestyle and physical activity are integral to daily life, we seek more opportunities to spend our free time actively and joyfully. That's precisely where Leader Fox comes in: they try to help people live life to the fullest, by offering a wide range of bicycles, including e-bikes. In this article, we'll be looking at Leader Fox's new 2023 collection.

Arran Men's 27.5"

Combining proven reliability with modern technology, the Arran boasts a flexible frame and 27.5" wheels, ensuring dynamic rides on off-road trails and city streets. This model is powered by the Panasonic GX Ultimate propulsion system.

Ayra Men's 29"

The Ayra is the perfect fit for those who prefer larger wheels. This model is engineered with a frame optimized for high-speed performance and is also powered by the Panasonic GX Ultimate motor.

Axen 29"

The Axen series can handle almost anything - from adventurous off-road excursions to comfortable city rides. This model is also powered by the Panasonic GX Ultimate motor.

Nara Women's 28"

Designed for fearless women, the Nara model exudes elegance and is equipped with a rear motor drive system, combining a comfortable ride and a stylish look.

Harper MTB 29"

The Harper model is designed for adrenaline and downhill enthusiasts. With the 1x11 Speed gears, you are always in control of your speed range, and regardless of terrain or condition, this bike will make every moment on the trail a thrilling experience.

Cargo e-bike Family One

For families seeking to spend more time together and explore the world on bikes, Leader Fox presents the Cargo e-bike Family One. Featuring a powerful Bafang M420 motor and robust construction, this e-bike can carry all the cargo and even the kids.

Leader Fox’s new collection for 2023 is available via their e-shop at e-shop.leaderfox.com.