Tracefy ready for enormous demand for GPS track & trace in the Netherlands 

Tracefy ready for enormous demand for GPS track & trace in the Netherlands 

The theft statistics are clear. Over the past two years, reports of stolen bikes have increased by 65%. As a result of the increasing theft statistics and high claims, insurers have tightened their conditions for 2024 considerably. This includes the requirement of a second lock for e-bikes, implementation of deductibles, and the requirement to install a certified GPS tracker on more expensive e-bikes.

Two insurers have already published their new conditions. For ANWB/Unigarant and ENRA insurances this requirement applies to e-bikes with a price of €4,500 or higher. Approximately 90% of e-bikes sold in the Netherlands are also insured which will result in an enormous demand for certified GPS trackers.

Important task for after-market

“There are not that many OEM brands yet that offer connected e-bikes and it will also take a while to implement this innovation on a large scale. In addition, there is a pretty high stock of bikes that are already boxed and ready. That is why the bicycle industry, for the time being, will mainly depend on the after-market with respect to GPS technology. With more than 600 dealers in the Netherlands and Belgium, Tracefy is the market leader in the Benelux. We deliver directly to dealers. Additionally, bicycle shops can also order our GPS trackers from Pendlr (Kruitbosch) and since recently also from Juncker Bike Parts (Accell Group). Also because of the requirement of insurers we think it is important that dealers and consumers have easy access to our products. And with these two distributors this will not be a problem. In addition, we are also a focus brand with Dynamo Retail Group, which automatically includes us in the assortment of all Bike Totaal shops,” Tracefy's commercial director Jeroen van Kester explains.

Opportunity for bicycle shops

A recent consumer survey conducted by Tracefy shows that “fear of theft” is currently the main reason why consumers do not purchase an e-bike. “Now that insurers are increasing the premiums and apply a deductible it is even more appealing for consumers to recover their own e-bike instead of receiving the insured value minus deductible. So, in addition to insurance, a GPS tracker adds a lot of value, even if it is not required. It also allows you as a dealer to show that you are really involved with the customer and that you think along about safety. With the current high offer of bicycles in the market, it is even more important as a bicycle retailer to set yourself apart. And to do everything to provide the customer with the best possible protection against theft is a great example of this."

Ferry Post and Jeroen van Kester: "In addition to insurance, a GPS tracker adds a lot of value, even if it is not required."
Ferry Post and Jeroen van Kester: "In addition to insurance, a GPS tracker adds a lot of value, even if it is not required."

"In addition, there is also a fine margin on our products resulting in extra revenue. We therefore have really made the choice for the dealer channel and made it impossible through software for the consumer to install our products themselves. Only our dealers have this software, and because of this, online sales or direct sales to consumers are not an option,” sales manager Ferry Post adds.

Tracefy Solo

In addition to the Tracefy Pro, Tracefy also introduces the stand-alone GPS tracker ‘Tracefy Solo’. “We understand that our current GPS proposition is not an affordable solution for all e-bikes. Consumers who purchase an e-bike in a lower price segment could see this investment as being too high. That is why we are also introducing a stand-alone GPS tracker that is intended for detection after theft only,” Post continues.

Transmitter with just LoRa and Sigfox not sufficient for good result in detection

"The Tracefy Pro is connected to the power supply of the e-bike. That is why you always have a real-time location in the whole of Europe, trip registration, and other convenient and fun features. A lot of consumers still see the added value of this. Our new product provides consumers who are looking for a good and affordable track and trace solution for theft prevention only. There are already some similar products on the market, such as transmitters, but they typically only use the LoRa and Sigfox network for location tracking."

"However LoRa, Sigfox and WiFi sniffing alone is not sufficient for bikes. In rural areas, the location can be very inaccurate, making the bike untraceable. This is especially the case outside the Netherlands because LoRa only works within the country. We use LoRa in combination with active GPS and other additional location technologies. The Tracefy Solo was well-received by our dealers and distribution partners and is available through the normal sales channels starting in March 2024, or can be pre-ordered here. We are more than ready for the new season, and are very much looking forward to it,” Van Kester concludes.

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