PICO: The compact and powerful drive unit from OLI eBike Systems

PICO: The compact and powerful drive unit from OLI eBike Systems

OLI eBike Systems is responding to the rapid evolution in electric mobility. Under the new leadership of CEO Giorgio Gavioli, the company is strategically focused on innovation and market needs analysis to create products that meet users' demands. This includes their latest development: the PICO drive unit.

Giorgio Gavioli, CEO of OLI Group for over 25 years, founded OLI eBike Systems in 2015, blending his passion for bicycles with his expertise in the motor industry. Since March 2024, Gavioli has taken on the role of CEO at OLI eBike Systems, aiming to transform the company into a leader in the e-mobility and daily commuting sector.

New Facility in Vietnam

Giorgio Gavioli (CEO and founder of OLI eBike Systems).
Giorgio Gavioli (CEO and founder of OLI eBike Systems).

"We aim to make e-bikes a widely accessible commodity," says Gavioli. "Our strategy focuses on creating innovative products and systems that meet urban mobility needs. We believe that offering high-quality e-bike components while maintaining competitiveness is the right formula to democratize e-mobility and improve urban sustainability, encouraging more people to choose this eco-friendly mode of transport."

OLI eBike Systems is opening a new facility in Vietnam, adding to their existing plants in Italy and China. "The opening of the new facility in Vietnam is a crucial step to increase our production capacity and to further approach our key markets," adds Gavioli. "This expansion will allow us to improve our efficiency and respond more quickly to our customers' needs."

A Unique Motor in Europe

As part of this strategy, the company has developed PICO, a drive unit designed in Italy specifically for urban use. Its features are ideal for designing lightweight and accessible city e-bikes with minimalist aesthetics. “A drive unit this small and well-integrated into the frame makes an e-bike resemble a traditional bicycle. With the drive unit, manufacturers can create various custom e-bikes for different needs, including city e-bikes, commuter e-bikes, and even kids' e-bikes,” says Gavioli.

The Importance of Torque

With a torque of 70 Nm, PICO provides rapid acceleration and enough power to easily tackle daily urban challenges. “This acceleration capability is essential for agile navigation in urban traffic, where speed and responsiveness make a difference,” says Gavioli. “High torque also allows for effortless tackling of steep inclines. This feature is particularly important for commuters in hilly or sloped cities who use e-bikes for daily transportation.”

Competitive Value

One of the drive units major advantages is its competitive price. Gavioli: “In a market where value for money is crucial, we offer the possibility to design e-bikes with an accessible market price without compromising quality. This makes lightweight and high-performing city e-bikes available to a broader audience, opening new market opportunities.”

OLI eBike Systems' branches, strategically located across Europe and beyond, serve as both production facilities and centers of innovation and customer support. This network ensures close proximity to customers, providing fast, efficient, and always accessible service.

OLI will be present at Eurobike 2024 at the H08 G26 stand.

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