Comp Drives Mid-Motors Making Headway on The European market

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The Czech company Comp Drives, that produces mid-motors C17/C18 with intelligent shifting GSGI, collaborates with Apache Bicycle. Apache distribute e-bikes with the C18 motor with GSGI intelligent shifting on the Czech, Slovak and Polish market for MY2019. Comp Drives already obtained a good position on their local market and is also becoming more and more known abroad.

Comp Drives Mid-Motors Making Headway on The European market

The existing Comp Drives motor range includes the silent C17 and the sportive, light weight C18. Both mid-motors boast excellent performance. Comp Drives spent three years for developing and testing the motors.

GSGI device

The motors come with the GSGI device, which solves several problems like mechanical shifting on mid-motor equipped e-bikes. GSGI makes shifting smoother and limits the wear of the gear system. Furthermore, the GSGI system provides information about the shifting position. Recommendations for the rider are shown on the display or in the Comp Drives app for iOS and Android.

Success in 2017 and 2018

Comp Drives regularly displays at Eurobike. In 2017 they introduced their mid-motors in Friedrichshafen. The young Comp Drives team enjoyed success in both 2017 and 2018. Two companies, TOTEM and Achilles, decided to equip some of their e-bike models with C17 motors with GSGI intelligent shifting for MY2018. Both brands gained positive feedback from the Czech market.

International distribution

In 2018 Comp Drives introduced more innovations and projects in Friedrichshafen. All these efforts resulted in more interest from various brands on the Czech market. Also e-bike brands from countries such as Slovenia, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, and the USA were interested.

Collaboration with Apache

In Spring 2018, Comp Drives and Apache Bicycles started their collaboration. As a result, Apache Bicycles uses the C18 motor with GSGI intelligent shifting on the Czech, Slovak and Polish market for MY2019. They decided to fit a range of seven e-bikes with the Comp Drives C18 mid-drive unit and GSGI intelligent shifting system. Apache Bicycles is a well-known company in Central Europe. Apache produces e-bikes with Comp Drives motors for various brands as OEM manufacturer.

What exactly are Comp Drives motors?

The two Comp Drives mid-motors C17 (3,8 kg) and C18 (3,0 kg) are suitable for any e-bike category. Both have sufficient power (80 Nm) and operate silently. GSGI is a vital part of the system and eliminates chain tension by reducing motor power for a just milliseconds, to keep the shifting smooth and comfortable.

The two displays S18 and RM1 are fitted with bluetooth and can connect to iOS and Android apps. The new C19 motor will be introduced at Eurobike 2019. In line with the trend for more sportive e-bikes, the C19 is compact and light. It will be integrated in the frame and provides for a short rear stay length. All shifting systems are fully compatible, including a double chainwheel.

Technical specifications of C19:

  • 44 mm chain line for e-road bikes
  • Q factor ranges between 160-186mm
  • Mechanical shifting optimization
  • Mechanical resistance elimination (when crossing the speed limit)

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