Combining sports and urbanity is biggest challenge for Eurobike 2022

FRANKFURT, Germany – The relocation of the biggest bicycle show on earth in combination with the new dynamic in the industry creates a big challenge for the Eurobike organisation. “We have not taken back the bicycle’s sporty perspective,” wrote the organisation in a recent statement.
The transition from a country side environment to the metropolis of Frankfurt poses the biggest challenge for Eurobike – Photo Eurobike

The 30th edition of Eurobike runs from Wednesday 13 July, to Sunday 17 July 2022, from 9:00 to 18:00 at its new location in Frankfurt, Germany. On Saturday and Sunday, it will be open to the general public. The idea of mobility, the urban bicycle, but also micromobility and digitality have been incorporated actively and to a greater extent. The gravel bike category will be the connector for Eurobike to show its strength when it comes to trends and how they harmonise with the mobility concept. After all, the gravel bike is, with the right equipment, perfect for everyday life, both for commuting and off-road.

The gravel bike is currently the whizz-kid for the sporty range, on any terrain

Next to the electrification of the bicycle, the gravel bike is currently the whizz-kid for the sporty range, on any terrain. As a concept, the gravel bike overrides the differences between pure road bikes on the one hand and touring bikes on the other hand, but also with some elements of the mountain bike. And the other: The bike is perfect for cycling commuters. More robust than the road bike, lighter than the trekking bike and more versatile than other bicycle categories.

Start-up and innovation day

On 14 July, a networking and training event for innovation in the bike sector will take place at Eurobike. The event is expected to include fascinating presentations, discussions and insights about the bike industry products, services and business models of the future. It fosters cooperation inside the industry regardless the size of the company but also with players from other industries, local government, science and research. Frankfurt itself offers accelerator programmes and an international investment environment with optimal conditions. The Eurobike Innovator’s prize is meant to highlight young companies, start-ups and innovators in the bicycle industry and pioneering products, services and concepts. The winners of the awards will be announced on 14 July.

Eurobike has even scheduled two Gravel Talk sessions on Thursday and Saturday afternoon that will answer all questions. Two and a half hours will be spent on the no.1 trend topic in lectures and talks. From the e-gravel boom to road biking formats, from route planning to the stars of the young adventure scene.

Future mobility

With the Eurobike Convention – Designing the future of mobility, the show will offer for the first time a platform for cross-stakeholder exchange on cycling and beyond. Together with representatives from politics, administration, science and civil society, the actors of the mobility revolution, will discuss how we can jointly realize the city of the future.

The keynote speech will be given by New York mobility expert Janette Sadik-Khan. She was responsible for building over 600 kilometres of bike lanes and seven rapid bus lines as Commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation. Broadway and Times Square became pedestrian zones and a sharing system with some 12,000 bikes was introduced. Janette Sadik-Khan will be talking about inter-project cooperation and reallocating urban space to enable people-centred land and city planning – and the role of bikes from an American perspective.