Mobile app for riders: how do you create one? 

Mobile app for riders: how do you create one? 

Smartbikes are the future of e-bikes. As an extension of our connected lifestyles and expectations for services, the mobile application is a must-have, the medium between the e-bike and the rider. The good news is that it is not necessary to be a full digital brand, to have an enormous budget or to have a complete dedicated team to offer an app to riders. Here's why and how.

What are the benefits of a mobile app for your e-bike brand?

For brands, a mobile app offering services to riders has many advantages. The main one being the relationship the brand can develop with riders. Before, the rider was only in contact with the bike shop and/or the maintenance operator, but in the end, the brand had no direct dialog with riders. The mobile app allows brands to contact riders and to establish trust, and brand loyalty.

The mobile app is a strong way to have a differentiation strategy and outpace competitors in stores and online, with a strong answer to bike theft. Providing an app to riders improves the riding experience and so, increases the average frequency of use, facilitates maintenance follow-up for riders, to reach best satisfaction. Finally, the mobile app allows brands to get information on their customer profile to better understand their needs for future products or additional services.

What are the options to rapidly launch a mobile app for your riders?

Conceiving and developing a mobile app is a long journey, but we said there was good news: there are smart shortcuts to take Rather than building a mobile app from scratch, with its cost, its incompressible design and development time, and then managing its evolutions, choose a white label mobile application to meet the needs of cyclists. This way, you can have a mobile app for your brand about 10 to 15 times faster and cheaper. You won’t need a dedicated team, all will be managed by experts, and you’ll benefit from the roadmap of your partner to frequently improve and add new features.

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Velco provides IoT solutions to e-bike brands in order to help them offer the best riding experience to cyclists. Velco designs IoT devices integrated on e-bikes to turn them into smartbikes. Velco transforms data into services for brands (with a rider management web application) and riders (with a dedicated mobile application) to improve safety, bike security and lifespan of the bike.

With Velco’s white label mobile app, bike brands can easily offer connected services to their riders. The app offers services to protect e-bikes from theft (lock/unlock of the e-bike, notification in case of suspicious movement, sound alarm, electric assistance switch off and geolocation of the e-bike), to ensure riders’ safety (maintenance guidance) and to provide a fun and comfortable ride (trip history, statistics,etc…)

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