Increase your bike assembly capacity

Increase your bike assembly capacity
OCS hanging solution [Photo Riese & Müller].

The bike and e-bike sales records during the pandemic were not just a hype. Recent market reports shows that the demand for bikes and especially e-bikes and cargo bikes, continues to rise. The current economic situation with the energy prices and rising mobility costs indicates a continuous high demand for different types of bicycles for coming years. This means that manufacturers need to secure their assembly capacity and plan for the future.

Through unique and flexible assembly solutions, manufacturers can increase production capacity and simultaneously improve work conditions for operators. Swedish company OCS Overhead Conveyor Systems helps bicycle manufacturers improve their business and profitability through efficient kitting and assembly solutions.

Unique overhead conveyor systems

The unique overhead conveyor systems meet bicycle manufacturers’ requirements for flexible and smart assembly lines. The company’s friction-based patented technology offers modern industry solutions that are clean and oil-free and highly flexible for fast changes – a key factor within the industry.

Increase operator efficiency and production capacity

A challenge when designing assembly lines is how to optimise the production flow based on the mix of different bicycle types to be produced as well as the variation in assembly times. In the end, it is all about maximising operator efficiency by reducing waste such as waiting times and other non-value-added activities.

Availability components

Another important part of the production flow design is how all needed components are made available for the operator. Should it be kitted in the warehouse or supplied to individual workstations or perhaps a combination of both?

With extensive experience from designing assembly lines in various industries OCS has become an important partner when it comes to creating the most optimal bicycle assembly solution and line design for the industry.

OCS assembly solution
OCS assembly solution

Optimise valuable floorspace

Transformation from traditional floor-based assembly lines to an automated overhead solution will not only increase production capacity it will also improve work environment. The overhead conveyor frees up valuable floor space and allows the assembly team to work around the bikes in various angles. Aisles are not blocked, and the operators can easily move around. The workstations are ergonomic, and the bike can be turned 360°, which means ideal working conditions for the employees.

The conveyor technology provides:

Overhead conveyor

  • Oil-free and clean
  • Low noise
  • Friction-driven
  • Modular and highly flexible to meet future demand
  • Allows full line accessibility for operators

Custom made product carrier

  • Height adjustable
  • Connection to saddle hole or frame
  • Gives full 360° bicycle accessibility
  • With box for components and hooks for the wheels

Efficient solution for handling returns

The world’s leading multichannel specialist retailer for bikes and outdoors, Internetstores is one of the well-known manufacturers using OCS technology. Since Internetstores deliver directly to end customers, technically complex products such as bicycles must be prepared and professionally preassembled before shipping. The buyers are then able to assemble the new bike in just a few simple steps.

Their first system has been expanded several times in recent years. Thanks to the flexible and modular conveyor, the system has been easily adapted to the constant increase in demand.

Handling returns

A central part in online retailing is handling returns. One of Internetstores’ installations is implemented to process returns. The procedures for processing returns are similar to those handling new goods. The return boxes are unpacked at two unpacking stations and the bicycles are hooked into the conveyor system.

“By using the OCS conveyor technology, the workflow has been optimised and the idle times of the operators reduced. Now we can concentrate on the product and no longer have to worry about the separate supply of goods. Furthermore, the system makes it possible to match different types of bicycles with a suitable employee according to assembly complexity levels. In this way we achieve a perfect balance between quality and quantity “, says Eduard Jesser, Head of Returns at Internetstores.

Precise tracking

The system is fully automatic and connected to the customer’s own master computer, so that precise tracking of the items in the system is possible at any time. Read the customer case here.

We take pride in working closely together with our customers to really understand their specific needs [© Internetstores GmbH, Photo: Andreas Lukoschek]
We take pride in working closely together with our customers to really understand their specific needs [© Internetstores GmbH, Photo: Andreas Lukoschek]

“With our extensive experience from material flow solutions, we take pride in working closely together with our customers to really understand their specific needs. Either you need a new line or are investing in expanding an existing line, we can contribute with our experience and know-how and help our clients to increase both safety, energy efficiency and operator effectivity, all with a direct impact on productivity, says Patrick Djerf, Business Development Manager at OCS.

This article is sponsored by OCS Overhead Conveyor Systems