Yamaha Motor introduces new flagship PW-X3 drive system

Yamaha Motor introduces new flagship PW-X3 drive system
The new PW-X3 is Yamaha’s smallest, lightest and most powerful drive unit

The completely new PW-X3 drive system was developed specifically for the trend towards lightweight, sporty e-MTBs - it is even stronger, significantly lighter and above all more compact than its highly recommended predecessor.

E-bike pioneer Yamaha joins the front row of competitors Bosch Performance Line CX and Shimano EP8 with its new flagship PW-X3. Now offering 85Nm of torque and a motor weight of 2.75kg - still 10% lighter than the previous PW-X2 - it has the necessary prerequisites to convince the product managers and developers of sporty e-MTBs.

Most compact drive unit

However, the Japanese engineers are particularly proud of the ultra-compact dimensions of their latest highlight, which make even more uncompromising frame geometries, ideal suspension kinematics and thus the best trail characteristics possible. The PW-X3 not only builds a whopping 20% smaller than its predecessor, it is also ergonomically favourable, because lower Q factor with an only 128 mm long ISIS bottom bracket spindle.

PW-X3 drive unit: compact design with 2.75kg motor weight and 85Nm torque, giving an outstanding power to weight ratio.

85Nm of instant torque

Another of Yamaha's specialties is producing maximum torque of 85 Nm, the PW-X3 is capable of tackling very demanding ascents. The distinctive Yamaha drive unit design enables instant support with sufficient torque immediately after pressure is applied to the pedal.” Especially in "Automatic Support Mode", when the drive software selects the motor support best suited to the riding situation, tricky situations - whether steepest climbs, rocky passages and sandy or muddy terrain - can then be mastered more easily.

The Interface X’s colour coded assist mode lights and a battery capacity indicator displays easy to absorb information.

Diverse power supply

Yamaha offers its OEM customers a choice of eight battery options - with the "Multi Location 600 Wh" as the frame-integrated top model. With only 3.8 kg and 600 Wh capacity, it achieves the good balance of weight and range relevant for sporty e-mountain bikers.

New minimalist LED communication unit

The small, ergonomic remote control on the left of the handlebars will make it easier to switch drive modes quickly and intuitively, congenially complemented by the minimalist "Interface X", which can be mounted above or below the stem to give a clean looking cockpit and handlebar area. With its color-coded bars, the LED display provides information about drive mode and battery status at a quick glance.

The user-friendly remote switch is equipped with ergonomic mode buttons that enable fast and easy selection without the need for the rider to take their eyes off the track ahead.

Yamaha collaborates with leading electronics manufacturers

For customers with increased information needs, Yamaha will cooperate with a number of leading electronics manufacturers in the future. Thanks to ANT+™ and Bluetooth® Low Energy Technology connectivity, the Interface X offers full compatibility with bike computers or even third-party GPS devices, e.g. the EOX View 1300 from SIGMA, Garmin’s Edge series and the Echowell LEV100 e-Bike computer.

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