Lazer introduces KinetiCore technology: the built-in rotational helmet

Lazer introduces KinetiCore technology: the built-in rotational helmet

The Belgium-based helmet company Lazer has created the world's first fully integrated rotational-impact technology: KinetiCore.

Lazer helmets with KinetiCore technology are the first to include built-in rotational-impact protection.  The new impact technology incorporates unique Controlled Crumple Zones. KinetiCore provides improved protection for cyclists and increased comfort at a lighter weight, boosting riders’ protection, confidence and enjoyment in the saddle.

KinetiCore is fully integrated

As KinetiCore is built-in and fully integrated within the helmet’s core, it results in less weight and more ventilation. The launch of KinetiCore technology is the result of over 10 years of research, testing and refinement by the Lazer team.

The evolution of brain protection

Lazer has been designing protective gear since 1919. The company also has an influential history with pro riders – so influential, in fact, that Lazer was responsible for pushing the pro peloton to wear proper head protection in the days before it was mandatory.

Own technology

Around 10 years ago, as awareness of rotational-impact injuries began to advance and other technologies developed, Lazer started developing its own innovative proprietary (rotational)-impact technology that was built into the helmet rather than added on as an extra. To do that, the design team had to tear up helmet design and start completely from scratch.

They began by assessing how different types of impact affect cyclists. Using advanced simulations to examine what happens to riders’ skulls and brains in the event of direct and rotational impacts, they created thousands of templates in their quest for the new tech.

Crumple zones

The breakthrough moment came when the team examined cars’ crumple zones. This inspired them to build cone-like crumple zones on the inside of the helmet, designed to break under impact and dissipate energy away from the cyclist’s skull.

The result is KinetiCore’s Controlled Crumple Zones– a unique set of EPS foam blocks built into the helmet designed to buckle in the event of direct and rotational impact, redirecting energy away from the brain.

Advanced protection and lighter weight

The fact that KinetiCore is integrated into the helmet is crucial as it reduces the overall weight of the helmet, which boosts riders’ speed and comfort. It also means that Lazer is able to design each helmet to the company’s own specifications and build KinetiCore in rather than having to add it on afterwards. In turn, this means Lazer can increase ventilation and improve airflow through each design, something that all riders are looking for. It also results in less plastic being used in construction than with previous comparable models.

With KinetiCore, Lazer has created something that moves impact absorption forward: the Integrated Rotational Impact Protection based on the Controlled Crumple Zones that protects riders from both direct and rotational impacts, meaning they can ride with confidence. 

Protecting cyclists

Lazer’s commercial director Mike Smink: “Our aim has always been to protect cyclists in the event of crashes in the most effective, comfortable and stylish way possible. KinetiCore aligns to our mission, based on a principle that has been our foundation for over 100 years: ‘To contribute to a society where cyclists can enjoy riding in safety.’”

Best helmets possible

Lazer’s general manager Sean van Waes: “We use the pro peloton as a statement for our helmets, because if it’s good for riding 250km and then sprinting and winning, then it’s good for our customers as well. That's why at Lazer we’re not working for the pro riders, we’re using them to make sure our customers have the best helmets possible.”  

Leading independent reference

Lazer’s R&D manager Guido de Bruyne: “With our position of holding the most 5-star rated helmets within the independent Virginia Tech bicycle helmet rating, the moment they confirmed our first KinetiCore helmets with 5 stars was hugely important. This is because this standard is recognised as the leading independent reference to cyclist brain-protection technology.”

Lazer’s range of KinetiCore helmets was released globally on 31 March 2022 and is available through global Lazer helmet dealerships.

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