30 years of evolution from the e-bike pioneers

30 years of evolution from the e-bike pioneers

When Yamaha introduced their Power Assist System bicycle (PAS) back in 1993, few people could have foreseen the impact that the world's first production e-bike would have on the future of personal mobility. With a wealth of technical expertise gained over nearly 30 years, the Japanese company's range of drive units has earned a worldwide reputation for quality and reliability.

Being one with the machine

Featuring class-leading technology that has been continually developed and enhanced since 1993, the PWseries drive units deliver a seamless, natural and intuitive experience on every ride.

For 2022 and beyond it is the company’s ambition to be able to offer bicycle manufacturers with the widest range of light, compact and powerful drive units covering a range of applications. With their maintenance free designs combined with first class reliability and proven build quality, the PWseries drive units have the potential to open up new possibilities for bicycle manufacturers.

YeSS – Yamaha e-Bike Systems Service

Yamaha e-Bike Systems Service has been developed by the company to ensure that all customers – dealers, original equipment manufacturers and end users – have fast and easy access to comprehensive back up from locally based teams of specialists.

YeSS is based on four pillars – these being Technical Support, Warranty, Training and Spare Parts – which are designed to give everyone the very highest levels of effective and efficient support.

30 years of evolution from the e-Bike pioneers

The company’s technical support teams maintain a very close relationship with manufacturers, dealers and riders so that they can fully understand everyone’s needs and expectations. Being locally based they can respond quickly to each individual case via a dedicated call centre, and each branch has the facilities to repair PWseries drive units on site – making for a faster turnaround.

Yamaha PWseries drive units have proved to be amongst some of the most reliable systems in the e-bike marketplace, but if a unit requires inspection or repair the YeSS operation is able to respond quickly to all warranty claims. The time from the initial claim to final approval is minimised so the customer can get back on the street or trail as soon as possible – and the transparent system ensures that all parties are kept informed throughout the whole process.

30 years of evolution from the e-Bike pioneers

Training at the Yamaha Motor Academy is continuously available to over 3000 dealer technicians via online and physical courses that cover all aspects of e-bike drive units, batteries, servicing and diagnostics. Dealer staff have 24/7 access to courses via their PC or smartphone, making it easy for everyone to stay fully informed about new and existing PWseries drive units so that they can offer the highest levels of customer service.

Yamaha offers one of the quickest spare parts supply systems in the business, currently carrying 130,00 lines and fulfilling 9 million orders annually on a 24/48 hour delivery from its centrally based Schiphol-Rijk HQ in the Netherlands.

The combination of 30 years’ experience in the manufacture of drive units together with the comprehensive back-up offered by the Yamaha e-Bike Systems Service (YeSS) means the PWseries drive units provide a high level of satisfaction for everyone, from bicycle manufacturer through to the dealer and the end user.

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