New Motinova and Welling e-bike motor series attracted attention on Eurobike 2022

New Motinova and Welling e-bike motor series attracted attention on Eurobike 2022

The latest Motinova and Welling e-bike motor series made their debut on Eurobike 2022, one of the three most important bike fairs in Europe. Heavily loaded with innovative features in intelligent functionalities, efficiency, smoothness, low noise, compactness and excellent riding experience, new offerings from the two brands attracted attentions from industry peers, traders, and bike fans in this trendsetting event. The parent company of the two brands, Midea Industrial Technology, was known in China for focusing on R&D, manufacturing, and sales of high-precision motors.

As green and low-carbon lifestyle takes the trend, population that bike for fitness and leisure see a huge spike, and the market of e-bike is soaring. According to statistics, the global scale of e-bikes has reached about 7.27 million units in 2021. It is estimated that by 2030, the global e-bike market will reach the size of 19 million units. E-bikes have gradually become a new choice for urban commuters as well as mountain and field riders. This is the first time Motinova showcases motor series in Eurobike 2022 since it joined Midea Industrial Technology in April, 2022.

Among the offerings, the three central motors for large chainwheels, Welling W6000, Welling 8500, and Motinova MT6000, are product of choice for bike producers, featuring higher power density, higher efficiency, shorter response time and lower wastage rate.

Motinova motors for small chainwheels, such as the Volans series and Pegasi series, as well as instruments, accessories and other biking offerings are also on exhibition, providing diversified choices for e-bike fans. In the outdoor exhibition area, Motinova and Welling also provides consumers with a test riding area so that they can directly experience the riding fun, "Ride Longer, Live Better".

At present, e-bike, as an emerging industry, is changing the industry landscape of the global two-wheel transportation market. With the vision of Technology drives everything, Motinova and Welling will further enhance its core capabilities in the field of smart transportation and two-wheel transportation market by leveraging Midea Industrial Technology’s innovative technologies for products in common and perfect its electric assisted motor system solutions. Taking Eurobike 2022 as an opportunity, Motinova and Welling will bring more choices to consumers around the world with innovative and high-quality e-bike parts and continue to provide strong support for the development and transform of the e-bike industry around the world.

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